Friday 29 December 2017

Treadmill assistance | error codes and troubleshooting

Error codes are based on Carnielli Treadmill. Some other brands/models share the same or similar error codes.
Generic errors
Possible cause: Treadmill does not work
1) Reason: no connection to power supply.
Solution: plug into socket. Check socket.
2) Safety key is not inserted
Solution: insert safety key in the monitor
3) Reason: Signal circuit system is cut off
Solution: Check control panel and signal / data cable
4) Possible cause: burnt fuse
Solution: Change fuse
Belt does not run properly
1) Possible cause: belt is not adjusted
Solution: adjust belt – follow instructions provided on our blog
2) Possible cause: Belt too tight
Solution: adjust the belt – follow instructions provided on our blog
Belt is slipping
1) Possible cause: Belt is too loose
Solution: adjust the belt
Errors E1, E2, E3
Errors E1, E2, E3 possible causes are the motor-to-board or motor-sensor-control board connections.
In most cases it is a damaged sensor, a burnt engine (excessive absorption) or a faulty motor control board.
a) possible cause: bad wire connection
solution: connect the wires again or replace wires / sensor
b) possible cause: faulty computer
solution: replace the computer
c) possible causes: faulty controller or motor
solution: replace the controller or the motor
a) possible cause: the motor wires does not connect well with the controller
solution: check the connection, disconnect and connect again. Steps as in E1 above.
Follow steps as in E1 above
Errors E5, E6
E5 identifies a current overload to the motor (so probably the motor is faulty)
E6 power problems at the console of the treadmill (therefore probable problems on the transformer of the engine board)
a) possible cause: damaged motor
solution: replace the motor
A) possible cause: damaged controller
Solution: replace the controller
Errors E7, E9
E7 identifies the lack of the security key
E9 problems with the inclination motor signal (probable failure on the inclination motor control)
a) possible cause: the computer does not receive the signal from the safety key
solution: check if the safety key is inserted / replace it
b) possible cause: the computer is damaged
solution: repair / replace main computer
a) possible cause: the controller could not check the signal from the incline motor (VR signal)
solution: check the VR wire and the connector, replace the incline motor

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