Monday 11 December 2017

Treadmill: upgrading the treadmill motor board with new software

* Both the controller and the program need to be powered separately - proceed as follows.
* This is risky: this operation must be performed only by qualified technicians
Step 1) Remove the control board and connect it to the power kit:
a) Connect the black wires from the ON / OFF button directly to the card
b) Connect the power cord to the power outlet and press the ON / OFF button
Step 2) Connect the programmer power supply to the electrical outlet
     * The 9022A software should only be used for STRADA 4.0
Step 3) Insert the wiring of the programmer as shown in the picture, paying attention to the wire
Green is facing upwards. From the side of the programmer, bent terminals should be inserted by 90 °
The green wire must be at the white triangle on the programmer.

Step 4) Download the software into the control board
to. Press on the contact so that you are sure that during the upgrade you make no mistakes.
b. Press the black button of the programmer to download the program.
c. The BUSY LED lights up during refresh operations and then goes off when the update is done. The update fails if the BUSY LED starts blinking after pressing the black button.
The green wire must be at the white triangle on the programmer.

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