Tuesday 2 January 2018

Domyos Decathlon Assistance: TC290 and TC490

Attention, for all customers with one of the following products:
     Domyos TC 290
     Domyos TC 490
Purchased at a DECATHLON store before August 16, 2010
The Decathlon assistance has made a recall of the above products and invites you to immediately disconnect power and not to use them.
As part of the quality and safety check procedure, a malfunction has been detected: in very rare cases, an anomalous engine heating has been detected.
Please contact your local Decathlon shop for service, or replace the motor yourself. 

Visit www.partsfortreadmill.com to buy treadmill spare parts compatible with Decathlon and with the most popular brands on the market or request the intervention of a Domyos home help center.
If you need spare parts or assistance, contact us.

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