Sunday 15 October 2017

Problems with the display of the treadmill

Most treadmills have very different displays from each other. There are very simple displays that show speed, time, calories and distance. Some include heart rate with handpulse, body weight functions, chest belt pulse or ear lobe sensors.
We try here to show how you can fix some of the most common problems.
Power Problems
Some displays are powered by batteries. When the batteries are almost discharged, the display will show us, and we must replace them. If you wait too long the display will be off. There are other displays that work with the current of the treadmill. These usually have a built-in transformer with an output voltage between 6 and 12 volts. Sometimes this type of the displays does not work well. A cable that brings power to the display can be pulled or detached. Sometimes the transformer itself needs to be replaced. It is usually located in the motor housing on board of the motor controller or aside.
Problems with the treadmill keyboard
Sometimes the display buttons stop working suddenly. Sometimes this means that their internal contacts are to be cleaned because they have some dirty which prevents the electrical contact. For cleaning, proceed as follows: disassemble the dashboard very carefully over a table covered with a white cloth, remove the screws carefully remembering their positioning. Remove the keyboard and clean the contacts with alcohol to clean the electronic contacts. Be very careful in order not to damage them. Reassemble carefully. In some cases, the circuit breaks in membrane keyboards, often used on professional treadmills. In this case a specialized laboratory will have to proceed to reconstructing the circuit. Replacing the original membrane keyboards with micro-buttons will provide an aesthetic result that is identical to the original and a significantly superior durability. 


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