Tuesday, 24 October 2017

MC-2000E treadmill Motor Controller LEDs troubleshooting

The MC-2000E motor controller has four LEDs that can be used to help troubleshoot electrical problems with this treadmill. Each LED, and its meaning, will be described:
15V- This LED indicates the controller is outputting 15 VDC needed by the controller Iogic circuit. If this LED does not light when voltage is applied, replace the controller.
SPD SIG- Indicates a speed control signal is being received from the console. The LED will flicker as the speed signal is received. If this LED does not light when speed is set above 0.0 MPH, but 15V does, it indicates a problem with the speed wires or console wires
GATE- Indicates that the controller is attempting to respond to an incoming speed signal. If this light is out, no voltage will be sent to the motor. This LED will vary in brightness depending on the speed setting. If this LED does not light when the safety key is inserted and SPD SIG is lit, the controller will need to be replaced.
HV BUSS- This LED indicates the capacitor on the controller is charged and is sending voltage to the drive motor. It will only light when both the SPD SIG and GATE LEDs are lit. http://www.partsfortreadmill.com/


  1. Hi, I have one of these with none of the lights lighting at all

    1. Check power socket and cable. If all is fine and no light turns on, then you should replace the controller. You can find replacement here: http://www.partsfortreadmill.com/treadmill-controller-mc2000e.html

  2. Hi. I have a low 15V LED light. What does this indicate?



    1. If the treadmill doesn't start and you see it has a low light it may be needed for you to replace the controller. You can find a compatible controller here: mc2000 controller