Tuesday 24 October 2017

Euro 30i treadmill Power Board LEDs troubleshooting

The Euro 30i power board has four troubleshooting LEDs to assist the technician when servicing the treadmill. Not all LEDs are mounted on some power boards. The meaning of each of these LEDs is as follows:
240V- This LED lights to indicate the power board is receiving 220-240 VAC. It will light when the treadmill is plugged in and the main on/off switch where the power cord enters the treadmill is turned on.
9VDC- This LED lights to indicate the power board is generating the 8-12 VDC necessary to power the console. It must always light when the 240 VAC LED is lit.
PWM- This LED monitors the speed control signal being sent from the console. This signal passes through the power board on its way to the motor controller. The LED will begin to flicker when treadmill speed is set above 0.0 KPH and turn off when the treadmill is stopped.
TACH- This LED monitors the speed sensor signal to the console. It will flicker as the treadmill is running. When the treadmill is at rest, the LED may remain lit or dim. http://www.partsfortreadmill.com/

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