Tuesday 24 October 2017

Icon treadmill console Calibration Mode (Proform 790CD and other models)

This console has a calibration mode to assist the technician in troubleshooting. To enter this mode, press and hold the Stop and Speed + buttons while inserting the safety key. There are five levels in this mode. Move from one level to the next by pressing the Stop button. Exit this mode at any time by removing the safety key.
Level 1- This level displays how the console has been configured to operate. It also displays the numerical value of each button as it is pressed.
TIME (Left 1/2)- Minimum PWM speed signal '6'
TIME (Right 1/2)- Button Test Values
SPEED- Maximum Speed '19' ('12')
CALS- Roller size '1.9'
DISTANCE- Console software code version
Level 2-
This level is used to calibrate the incline and speed of the treadmill. To calibrate incline, press both Incline buttons. The treadmill will calibrate itself. To calibrate speed, press and hold the Speed + button until the Distance window displays an 85% speed signal. Adjust the MAX SPD pot / trimmer on the controller until the speed window displays 19.0 (12.0). Press Speed - and allow the treadmill to come to a complete stop.
TIME- Internal Test. FP=pass, FF=fail, NC=not configured, NR=not released
SPEED- Actual speed of the treadmill.
CALS- Blinking '1' with hand pulse signal, '2' with chest pulse signal.
DISTANCE- Current PWM speed signal (%) ‘0-85’
Level 3-
This level lights each LED on the console in order. The Speed buttons control the speed of the lighting pattern. Incline + toggles all LED's on and off. Incline - restarts the lighting pattern.
Level 4-
This level displays the total Time and Distance of the treadmill. It also shows the current units of measurement. TIME- Total time in hours
SPEED- Units: 'E'=English, 'rn'=metric
CALS-'d' if Demo mode turned on, else blank
DISTANCE- Total distance in miles
Level 5- Functional Test.
This level allows the treadmill to be tested while still in calibration mode. The treadmill will run normally alter the Start button is pressed, but the displays will show different information.
TIME- Elapsed Time
SPEED- Speed the treadmill is set to run
DIST.- Current PWM speed control signal output '0-85'
CALS- Actual speed the treadmill is running.
Units of Measurement
The units of measurement can be changed between English and Metric in the User Information Mode. Enter this mode by pressing down the Stop button while inserting the safety key. The Speed window will display either E for English or m for metric units of measurement. Toggle between the two settings by pressing the Speed + button.
Demo Mode
The console has a demo built into its software. The demo mode loops the console display through a lighting routine when the treadmill is plugged in, but the key is not inserted. All button presses are disabled. To disable this mode, enter the User Information mode by pressing down the Stop button while inserting the key. The Calories window will display a ‘d’ if demo mode is active. Press the Speed - button to toggle the mode on and off.
Error Code
This console features an Error Code that appears when the console fails a self-test.
E6- Checksum Error. This error indicates the console has failed an internal test. Unplug the treadmill for 30 seconds and try again. If it reappears, replace the console. http://www.partsfortreadmill.com/

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