Saturday 7 October 2017

How to remove the silicon lubricant from the treadmill belt

Silicone lubricant is often used to lubricate the moving parts of a treadmill. By consulting the manual provided with your treadmill, you will probably find instructions on how to lubricate your treadmill and how often. The type of lubricant to use is also cited in most manuals.
Silicone lubricant is a durable lubricant and some formulations are also good for creating a thin protective layer and therefore protecting metallic parts from rust. Lubrication is not a difficult task and can be done at home, but sometimes a few drops of silicone lubricant can end up on the top of the treadmill belt. The properties that make the silicone an excellent lubricant are the same that can cause damage to the belt.
Silicone lubricant is not easy to remove. What's worse is that it can make your belt slippery and dangerous for use. It can also stain the belt or accumulate on the bottom by mixing with dust and dirt. All this means that if you accidentally drop the lubricant on the wrong side, you must remove it as soon as possible. The following procedure explains the removal process.
1 - First use water and soap or detergent with rags to try to remove the lubricant. Hand wash can also be used, but be careful not to damage the carpet of the treadmill. Dry after cleaning by removing the traces of detergent, to avoid deforming the belt.
2 - Apply denatured alcohol if soap and water have not been effective. Wet a clean cloth with a small amount of denatured alcohol and rub vigorously on the treadmill belt.
3 - Using a cleansing foam if the mat is still slippery, you can try some cleansing foam, the type usually used to clean the computer is fine. Apply a small amount on the belt, allowing the detergent to act for a few seconds and then clean. It may take a couple of applications before the silicone lubricant is completely removed.
4 - If the belt still has some silicone lubricant remains, do not worry. Continue to use the treadmill as usual and eventually the remains of the lubricant will vanish. Of course, if the mat is still slippery, do not use the treadmill. Try cleaning the belt or replacing it if necessary to ensure safety. Remember that at a distance of 5/6 years the treadmill belt has to be replaced because it loses its property.
The use of silicone spray formulations allows you to avoid the risk of depositing excessive silicone doses and also allows for easier access to the points to be lubricated, for example the Atala-Byte made in Italy, that you can buy at the following link

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