Friday 27 October 2017

Apply the lubricant to the treadmill

CAUTION: Disconnect the power cord before starting. If the power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet, it can cause serious injury.
Read the instructions completely before starting.
1. Remove the security key and disconnect the power cord.
2. Grasp the right and left edge of the belt and pull towards the rear roller until the seam of the belt is above the rear roller. It may be necessary to pull several times if sewing is not visible at first. Be careful not to squeeze the fingers between the belt and the rear roller.
3. If you have a liquid lubricant (often supplied with the new treadmill), cut the tip of the lubricant tube. Raise a belt edge and apply 1/4 of the pipe to the platform, spreading it in zigzag shape. Try to apply the lubricant to the center of the platform and proceed to a belt edge. Do not apply the treadmill lubricant entirely to the edge of the belt. Leave 3 or 4 inches along the edge of the belt without lubrication. Raise the belt edge on the other side and apply the lubricant in the same way. It is important not to over-lubricate and lubricate the centre of the board / deck. If you have a spray lubricant, you can spray it to the center of the deck simply by lifting one of the two belt edges.
4. Grasp the right and left edge of the belt and pull towards the rear roll as described in Step 2. Do this until the belt sewing over the front roller is visible. In this way, the lubricant has spread evenly on your deck.
5. Connect the treadmill and insert the safety key. Set the treadmill speed to 4/5 km / h and walk on it for a few minutes before starting your training.

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