Sunday 14 February 2016

Treadmill, what to do if the tool stops working

If you are going to do your daily exercise and suddenly your treadmill stops working, you need to check a few things.
Check that the power led is on (it means power arrives into the treadmill). If you can, check that LEDs on motor controller light up in normal mode.
Check all plugs and connections.
Check if the thermal protection is activated (in this case after an hour of waiting / cooling off the treadmill should resume operation).
If the treadmill stops working between 3 and 10 seconds, it means that there are problems with the speed sensor.
If you use between 5-15 minutes and then it stops, check the lubrication between the belt and the platform.
If you feel a burning smell, there are engine overheating problems (this often depends on maintenance, deck or running belt).
If it works and suddenly stops, check the brushes and motor.
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