Saturday 6 February 2016

How to conserve your treadmill?

Exposed to dust, drops of sweat and bacteria, the treadmill must be maintained regularly. Ongoing maintenance of equipment optimizes performance and longevity. It is not easy to carry a treadmill from the store when you buy it, because it's heavy and bulky. That is why we offer a variety of services for repair and maintenance. But, if you simply follow the below maintenance steps regularly, your equipment will operate well for a long time.

Why taking care of your treadmill?

The treadmill is accessible to external agents such as dust. It can build up in the engine compartment. That may block the cooling fans, and expose the engine or the electronics to overheating and thus reduce the duration. So, clean the running belt and vacuum the motor housing regularly. You also have to clean the environment near the equipment to prevent the accumulation of dust. In addition, as the treadmill involves all the muscles of the body, it is obvious that you sweat during exercise. The humidity generated from the drops of sweat does rust metal parts. Just spray a little quantity of 100% special silicon lubricant spray Silic One on metal parts to create a thin protective layer. Sweat will slip away and the metal parts will be protected.

Where to put the device to facilitate cleaning?

Before cleaning, make sure the unit is placed on a flat surface. If the floor has some flaws, compensate them by choosing an appropriate level of adjustment of the feet. This is also better for the walking belt and the engine of the treadmill. To simplify the matter, place a mat under the equipment to collect the dirt coming out of the cleaning job.

Clean the treadmill parts

Take a cloth moistened with water to clean the different pieces of hardware. To minimize friction between the belt and the wooden deck, reduce engine wear and prolong the life of the tread, it is essential to lubricate the running deck. When necessary adjust running belt, following the directions on our blog. This simple operation is important for optimal functioning of the equipment. Some models are pre- lubricated, but the treatment will be effective only for a short period, at most in the first year of use. Later it is therefore necessary to carry out the lubrication. Silicon based lubricants are recommended for effective maintenance of the equipment.

Small gestures to remember

Prevent premature wear of the walking belt, making sure it is straight and centered. To take better care of the treadmill, you should wear suitable shoes. They must be clean so that they don’t bring on the running belt any sand or gravel, which could damage it. The user may carry on some maintenance operations. By doing the necessary preventive care, you do not need to call a technician. However, for a complete evaluation of the treadmill, consider calling a qualified engineer, especially for products intensively used in gyms.

Follow the instructions of the user manual for the treadmill

After receiving the treadmill, be sure to read the instruction manual that came with it. The most important thing is that all the equipment must be powered by a single-phase 220 V grounded socket. Often there isn’t any specific statement regarding the duration of use of the treadmill. However, before another workout session, you must leave the treadmill rest for at least 2 hours if you used continuously for about 45 minutes. This applies to all equipment with direct current (DC). You can use AC motors treadmills much more without any risk of damage.

Monitor the tightening and lubrication of the walking belt

If the walking belt of the tread is still new, we recommend that you carefully monitor its centering and tension for a few days. After that, you need to clean, lubricate and regularly check the walking belt. In the event that it isn't enough tighten, you can adjust by turning two bolts. However, if it is too tight, turn these two bolts opposite. Follow the instructions on the blog and avoid the risk of overtighten the walking belt. This could in fact bring problems to the treadmill.

If the belt is too old, it’s better to replace it to safeguard the electronic parts from premature wear.

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