Sunday 14 February 2016

Treadmill-motor-alternating current (AC)

The professional treadmills, used in gyms, are nowadays usually equipped with AC motors, instead of DC motors. DC motors have a large maintenance (changing the brushes, high wear), while maintenance for AC motors is almost nothing and the duration is up to 10 times longer.
In addition to the much higher duration of AC motors, even the controllers used with AC motors last much more. They consist of an inverter that is normally equipped with protection systems operated by a controlling chip and this allows a much greater functional life.

The Inverter can be programmed with over 100 parameters including, for example: curve of acceleration or deceleration, load capacity (minimum and maximum), minimum and maximum speed, breaking, time variation of torque. Since the inverters are used a lot in the industrial sector, the branded ones (such as Toshiba) have high degrees of reliability, and often the manufacturer guarantees them for a long period (5 years for Toshiba).

The AC mechanics is more secure. You can transform any home use treadmill using top-grade components to an AC treadmill, thanks to the retrofit kit provided by Parts For Treadmill.

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