Saturday 6 February 2016

The walking belt of the treadmill slips or skips

If the treadmill is in trouble, such as slips or skips, you don't always need to call a technician if you have a bit of dexterity. So we can save one or more calls to the technician. We try to follow these steps:
1.) Remove the motor cover paying attention: electronic parts inside are exposed which must not be touched with bare hands.
2.) Set the rate at about 2 mph, stand on the side rails. Then, with one foot, step on the tape to make him stop. Keep firmly handrail to avoid falling.
3.) If everything stops including engine, there is no problem.
4.) If the front roller keeps turning but the tape stops, this means that either the tape is too loose, or is worn and should be replaced. Internal textile canvas catches normally the drive roller when tightened correctly, even if it is lubricated. When the bottom of the belt is worn, it's too smooth and hasn't got sufficient elasticity/grip to grasp the front drive roller. Do not overtighten the running belt. If the running belt is old, replace it. An old overtightened belt can lead to premature failure of the controller and the engine itself, with much higher replacement costs than the belt itself.
5.) If the front roller stops when you get off the treadmill, but the pulley on the roller still turns partially, the front roller needs to be replaced or you have to better fix roller pulley on roller.
6.) If the belt and the pulley of the front roller stop, but the engine still turns, even partially, the drive belt needs to be tensioned or needs to be replaced. In this case, avoid extra-tension, if the belt is old and/or worn, it must be replaced.
treadmill belt slipping

treadmill belt slipping

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