Saturday 6 February 2016

Frequently asked questions on the Treadmill

1. The console shows only "zeroes".

Check the correct positioning of the safety key. If the console has batteries, replace them.

2. The belt stops when I walk on the treadmill.
If the belt starts again when you step off, check the belt tightening. The belt should pop up to 3-4 cm. If the tension is correct, run the treadmill without no one above it. If it keeps its speed, the belt is consumed or the board is not well lubricated. Check the instructions on our blog for maintenance. Note that you may need to replace the belt (especially if it is older than 4 years). If the belt does not maintain a constant speed, contact a service engineer, because the problem may be in the motor or in the controller (see other articles on our blog)

3. How can I adjust the belt?
Follow the instructions on our blog for the tightening and the centering of the belt. Be careful not to overtighten the belt. This can lead to expensive damages in the electronic parts. Plug in the power cord, insert the safety key and walk on the treadmill for a few minutes. Repeat until the belt is centered. If you are not an expert, start doing very small adjustments.

4. How can I loosen or tighten the belt?
Even in this case, take care not to overtighten. If you have to tighten much the belt to avoid it slipping, it means that you need to replace it. Follow the directions on our blog to properly adjust the belt tension.

5. How can I calibrate the speed and/or the incline of treadmill?
To calibrate the speed and/or incline, see the instructions under the lid of the engine hood or in our blog. Be sure to unplug the machine when working inside the engine compartment. High voltage is present!

6. There is no reading pulse/heart rate monitor (chest belt).

If you use a chest belt, make sure that the strap is under the clothes (and not above), in direct contact with the skin, in the pectoral area.

Note: If the heart rate monitor does not function when positioned as described, try moving it slightly below or above your chest.
Make sure the sensor logo is facing forwards.

Use saline solution (for example that of contact lenses) to moisten the two electrodes on the sensor unit. If the heart rate is not shown, moisten the electrodes again. Position yourself at the center of the belt to display your heart rate.

The heart rate monitor is designed to work with people who have normal heart rhythms. Some heart rate detection problems can be caused by medical disorders as premature ventricular contractions (pvcs), tachycardia, and arrhythmia.

Operation of the heart rate monitor can be affected by electromagnetic interference caused by electric lines, mobile phones, microwaves or other sources. If you suspect that electromagnetic interference can cause a problem, try moving the treadmill.

If the heart rate monitor still doesn't work correctly, before resorting to the assistance, another person should use the treadmill.

7. There is no reading of the frequency/handpulse.

Hand Grip Pulse Sensor/EKG:
clean the metal contacts with a damp cloth.

Make sure that the palm of the hand is tight around the top and bottom plates of the sensor. If necessary, moisten the palms of your hands.

If suddenly no pulse appears on the console for a long time, the console software might be blocked and must be reset. To reset the console:

stop the machine and remove the plug from the wall, leaving the safety key inserted.

Wait at least 30 seconds.

Connect the power cord, for some models a reset signal appears on the console.

Remove the safety key to clear the alarm, then reinsert the key.

Recheck. If the impulse is still not working properly, before resorting to the assistance, another person should try using the treadmill.

8. Demo mode of the console
When in Demo mode, the console lights up. This mode becomes active only when the treadmill is plugged in, the main on/off switch is switched on and the safety key is not inserted in the console. The Demo mode has been added to some brands to attract attention on the treadmill while it is on display in the shop. The demo mode can be deactivated at any time.

Method # 1 to switch from Demo mode to actual function:
press and hold the STOP button while inserting the safety key, to enter user information.

Watch the calories. When the Demo mode is active, the letter D will appear.

Press the SPEED button DOWN to turn on/off mode.

Once the mode is set, remove the safety key.

Method # 2 to toggle Demo mode:
press and hold the STOP button for about five seconds.

Remember to properly connect the safety key to the treadmill.

9. Does the treadmill need a planned maintenance?
First, regularly check the tension on the belt. You must be able to lift the running belt 5-6 cm from the platform toward the center. You should also carry out regular cleaning and lubrication. Follow the instructions provided in the manual or see our blog for more information.

10. Other faults.
Failure to read the speed sensor.

Magnetic sensor: unplug the treadmill and remove the motor cover. The sensor is located on the frame near the front roller pulley. There's a magnet glued on the front roller pulley. When adjusting the sensor, make sure it is pointed directly at the magnet. Move the sensor so that it passes to 2/3 mm far from the magnet. Also, check that the wire is not damaged and is connected to the controller.

In case of no-reading, purchase a replacement sensor.

Optical sensor: unplug the treadmill and remove the motor cover. Optic disc (encoder) and sensor are located at the end of the motor or on the right side of the front roller. Optic disc rotates between two optical sensors. The disk must rotate freely without touching the sensor roughly in the middle of the two sensors. The sensor can be moved by loosening the adjusting bolt.

In case of no-reading, purchase a replacement sensor.

In case of other faults, check out our blog for more information.

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