Monday 15 February 2016

Defective treadmill. It turns on but stops after a while.

The treadmill turns on but stops after 3/5 seconds, with an acoustic signal and/or an error code displayed. After restarting it, the same thing happens. It seems that the treadmill controller detects something abnormal, therefore it stops as a safety measure. You should immediately check the speed sensor, which is often the cause of this anomaly. This sensor checks the engine or the belt speed. The controller get the information that the engine is powered, but it doesn’t spin. Or it’s powered, but running belt does not turn.
In our case the belt and the motor spin regularly, but the speed sensor doesn't sends signals because it has failed. If the sensor is magnetic, sometimes it is too far from the pulley and does not detect it. Magnetic sensor should be within 2/3 mm from the pulley. If the sensor is optical, make sure that you have not accumulated dirt on the optical emitter/receiver.
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