Monday 28 April 2014

Tunturi Treadmill Error E7 | Roughening of the potentiometer´s shaft | Remove E7 Error

Due to uncertainty concerning the service actions to the treadmills in case of the E7 error code,
please find below instructions how to remove the E7 error. 

The E7 error code indicates that the values the lift motor potentiometer sends are not within the
preset limits. The potentiometers’ I/O value can be checked in the console’s service menu by first
pressing the SELECT button, then the SPEED DOWN button and by holding both down for two
seconds. Thereafter the console lights will flash indicating that the engineering mode has been
entered. Press the ENTER button five times to check the value of the potentiometer; it is shown in
the TIME window. Compare it to the minimum and maximum reference values in table 1 (*2
nd page).

The potentiometer value is also displayed on the console when the E7 error code appears. Exit the
engineering mode by the same key sequence as in entering. 
If the readout from the potentiometer is 1 the software is not picking any signal from the

Possible reasons:
Lift motor rotation sensor (potentiometer) cable disconnected
Lift motor rotation sensor has poor internal contact and is thus providing incorrect values
The second connection cable between the console and the lower board is disconnected 
The potentiometer has lost its calibration and rotated to minimum 
If the readout from the potentiometer has lost its calibration setting and it differs from reference
values, adjust potentiometer (Figure 1) to obtain correct value. 

Figure 1 Lift motor potentiometer adjustment and how it affects on readout value
If the potentiometer has lost its position it can be lifted up by removing the two attachment screws.
Turn the potentiometer shaft to obtain the correct setting and place the potentiometer back to the lift
To ensure that the potentiometer maintains the correct calibration setting, use pliers to press some
ridges to the potentiometers shaft. This will ensure the adhesiveness by increasing the rougness of
the shaft before inserting it back to its counterpart (see below).

Treadmill Lift motor potentiometer value table 
The values in the  * Table 1 are reference information for troubleshooting only. Resistance is measured from black and white wires (see picture in 3rd page).  

Figure 2 The lift motor potentiometer resistance at 0 % inclination (measurement between the
black and white wires)    
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