Wednesday 30 April 2014

treadmills repair | When and how to change the battery in the Tunturi Chest belt sender.

When to change the battery: 
If the receiver (monitor display) does not give a steady measurement of the heart rate and you are sure you wear the belt in a proper way. (please check the user manual on how to use the chest belt) you might need to change the battery of the chest belt. 
If normally used, the battery should last for 2 up to 4 years. Even if you don’t use the chest belt you need to change the battery after a couple of years, there the chest belt does not have an on/ off switch. 

Testing the Tunturi chest belt

You can test the chest belt by activating the sensor zones off the chest belt. ( see
picture 1 for the sensor zone on the belt ) 

Put one off your thumbs on the sensor zone and hold. Click the second zone off the belt with your other thumb in the rhythm of a heartbeat. ( marked in red in picture 2 )  You should be able to hear the activation of your thumb clicking in the sending area ( marked in yellow in picture two ) of the belt by listening carefully ( you might need to put this part nearby your ear to be able to hear it.     )

If you do not hear a sound, you can be sure that the battery is low or empty. In this case you need to replace the battery. If you do hear a sound you must be able to generate a heartbeat on your receiver ( trainers monitor ). You start nearby the monitor to see if the signal is picked up. From a picked up signal you can go further and further away from the receiver to see how far the reach is.
This should be at least 1.5 meter. If this is less, you also need to change the battery because the power ran low.

How to change the battery on the Tunturi chest belt. 

The battery housing can easily be opened with a coin ( see picture 3 ) and turning this counter clockwise. This is also shown on the battery house cover ( see picture 4 ) 

The tension of the battery contact poles will push the battery housing locking disk upwards. Take the locking disk off gentle and check the metal contact poles.
They should be without corrosion and clean. If not you might need to clean this gentle with a sandpaper. Contact poles shown in picture 6 marked in red.

In picture 5 you can see how the battery comes out of the battery housing. Make sure you put the new battery in the battery housing the same way.  In picture 7 is shown how the battery should be placed in the Tunturi chest belt.  Beware, it is recommendable to not touch the new battery with your fingers, there the battery might be out of power instantly after touching it with your hands. Make sure you use a CR2032 3 Volt cell battery.
This information is also shown on the cover disk of the battery housing. ( See picture 8 )  
If you successfully replaced the battery you can check again if you can hear the
sender working like described in this document. 

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