Wednesday 30 April 2014

Cross trainer servicing

Please find enclosed a quick trouble shooting guide for Crosstrainers.

 Crosstrainer Assembly Tips

• Check carefully to ensure that all the components for assembly are used, they are in the correct order and securely tightened. If necessary use your own hand tools.
• Apply a thin film of light grease or petroleum jelly to each moving joint before  assembly (e.g. Vaseline) do not use multi-purpose oils (e.g. 3-IN-ONE or WD- 40).
• Front Drive only. Do not fully tighten the bolts for the roller rails, rear support or upright post before tightening them; rotate the pedals and moving handlebars a few times by hand in order to get them aligned with the rails. 

Due to the many moving parts within a Cross Trainer reduce performance and noise can arise during the life of the product. These do not always indicate a component failure but may mean indicate that maintenance is required. The following schedule should be carried out periodically to maintain the product’s performance or if you experience any unusual noises or a reduction in performance.
Refer to the assembly instructions for your product for precise details on how to disassemble the moving parts so access can be made for maintenance. Moving joints and pivots points need to be checked to ensure that they are correctly tightened, free moving and lubricated.
We recommend that a light grease or petroleum jelly is used (e.g. Vaseline) do not use multi-purpose oils (e.g. 3-IN-ONE or WD-40).
1. Upper Swing Arm pivot
If necessary remove the covers. Unscrew the swing arm bolts which secure the arms to the swing arm axle. The swing arms can be slid apart to expose the axle. Apply a film of grease to the axle. Re-tighten the bolts securely.
If there is sideways play or excessive noise within the swing arm joint then it may require the fitting application of thin spacers as shown in the diagram below.

2. Lower Swing Arm to foot tube connection point
Remove covers if necessary. Unscrew bolt/axle and remove. Apply a film of grease to the bolt/axle that fits through the swing arm joint. Re-tighten the bolt/axle. Ensure that bolts and washer are correctly assembled.

3. Foot tube to rotating drum connection
Remove covers if necessary. Unscrew the securing bolt. Remove washers and tubular spacer. Push grease into the chamber around the exposed axle. Refit the components (ensure in correct order) and tighten securely.

Front Rear Driven Cross Trainers only
Lift the rollers wheels up and away from the roller rails. Remove any dust or dirt from
the area. Clean the rails using a silicon based polish such (e.g. Mr Sheen).

Need replacement parts? 
  1. Cross trainers and Stationary Bike Pedals, cranks, axles
  2. Speed sensor for elliptical bikes and cross trainers
  3. Exercise bike, cross trainers drive belt 
  4. Synchro belts and timing belts for old bikes and cross trainers
  5. Computer / Display for ellipticals and cross trainers
  6. Saddles, Knobs, Rollers 
  7. Tension controllers, brakes, felt brakes

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