Saturday 7 April 2018

Proper setting of the spin bike regulation | Knob replacement

The settings in a spin bike are:
- height adjustment of the saddle
- saddle adjustment in a horizontal direction (where possible)
- height adjustment of the handlebar (where possible)

Height adjustment of the saddle
The height of the saddle must be such that: when sitting on the bike,
  • stop the pedals in a vertical position (12 o'clock, 6 o'clock)
  • place the heel on the pedal at the bottom and
  • check that the lower limb is completely extended.
Start pedalling by resting the forefoot (the pushing area coincides with the area between the toes and the plant) and check that with the pedal at the bottom (6 o'clock) the angle between the thigh and the leg does not exceed 90% of the complete extension.
NB: if you pedal while seated, and the pelvis moves too much, then the saddle could be too high. If pedalling while seated you bring your knees outward, then the saddle may be too low.
Saddle adjustment in a horizontal direction (where possible)
The saddle must be adjusted horizontally with the pedals parallel to the floor, the knee of the forward leg must fall to plumb half of the pedal. Pedal and stop the pedals horizontally at 3 o'clock and at 9 o'clock and verify that in this position the knee plumbs with an imaginary line on the ankle.
NB: keeping the saddle too far forward or too far brings the knee out of alignment.
Height adjustment of the handlebar (where possible)
Position the handlebar at least 5 cm above the saddle line. People with back problems, especially the lower back, should hold the upper handlebar to keep the torso in an upright position, thus removing tension from the lumbar spine.
During training with spin bikes:
- the head should allow you to look forward without too much difficulty,
- the shoulders should remain relaxed and straight (always avoid the turtle neck),
- the elbows should not be open but must remain in line between the hands and the shoulders,
- the pelvis should remain still and not swing sideways (body roll),
- the knees should neither converge nor diverge,
- the feet must be kept parallel to the floor during the whole cycle of pedalling looking for a circular, continuous, fluid movement.
During the ascent it is advisable to put yourself first on the bicycle, then place one foot on the lower pedal holding firmly with both hands on the handlebars, push on the leg resting on the pedal and sit on the saddle, then place the other foot on the free pedal.
Do not cycle without keeping your feet in the pedals.
Always wear appropriate footwear and do not perform barefoot exercise.

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