Wednesday 25 April 2018

Treadmill maintenance: replace bearings and motor brushes

1) after removing the motor, remove the brushes, usually fixed with a plastic cover, which can be rotated with a coin, or with a screwdriver
2) Check if the surface of the brushes is smooth. If it is pointed, streaked or burnt, the brush should be replaced (see point 10)
3) Before proceeding with the opening of the motor, mark the exact position of the front and rear covers 
4) Unscrew the nuts that fix the covers to the motor frame
5) Beat gently with a rubber or wood hammer to remove the covers

6) Use an extractor to remove the bearings

7) Assemble the new bearings using the rubber hammer
8) Close the covers
9) Install the brushes
10) Replace the brushes with new ones (if necessary)
11) Turn on the power and start the treadmill at 5 km / h. Let it go for at least an hour so that the brushes fit the manifold shape.

Check that the motor is in good condition and if it is damaged, buy your replacement motor on our e-shop

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