Friday 27 April 2018

Diamondback, Reebok, Dynamix, V-Fit, Quantum assistance: the drive belt slips (spin bike, exercise bike, cross trainer)

If the belt of an exercise bike, treadmill or cross trainer slid the causes can be
1) the belt is slow
2) consumption
3) dirt
4) the flywheel bearing is worn out
1) tighten the belt (use the belt tensioner adjustment) or replace it. Because of normal use, the belt, in fact, tends to loosen
2 and 3) clean or replace the belt. Never use lubricants on the belt!
4) replace flywheel bearing
In case the belt adjustment has reached the limit, on a spin bike, the following procedure can be used to replace the belt tensioner spring
To avoid slipping into the snap starters, simply replace the tensioning spring according to the enclosed instructions. In the case of really intensive use (spin bike) it is also possible to replace the spring with a metal ring.
1. Loosen the nut B
2. Replace spring D with a shorter spring but of the same thickness (C). Any shorter spring, if with the same thickness, is still usable. A spring with a higher thickness can also be used, but it is advisable not to use springs with a lower thickness.
3. Screw the nut B back on to retighten the spring C.
4. Verify that the nut A is slightly loose. Nut A must NOT be tightened otherwise the tensioning mechanism will not work.

a) with intensive use, the belt tends to stretch, so if necessary, replace it with a new belt.
b) Avoid putting too much tension on the belt if it is not necessary (avoiding tightening the nut B as much as possible) to avoid premature belt wear.
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