Sunday 29 April 2018

Treadmill maintenance guide

Keeping your treadmill clean and lubricated is vital. Below are some helpful tips to make sure you get the most out of your machine
Cleaning the treadmill:
-After use, remove any sweat residues from the treadmill. The sweat corrodes your treadmill, ruining the paint, and predisposes the tool to rust. Sweat can also leave unpleasant stains on the plastic.
-Once every 6 months, unplug the treadmill and leave it turned off for 20 minutes, then remove the motor cover and hoover it inside.

Lubrication and tension of the belt:
The main cause of damage to the treadmill is the lack of lubrication and excessive tension.
Too much tension puts excessive force on the motor and damages the belt, the motor and the treadmill control board.
The procedure for proper lubrication and tensioning of the belt and treadmill is normally found in the user manual of your treadmill, but is also reported at various posts on our blog.

The bolts on the frame:
Once a month, check that all the treadmill bolts are tight, except for those on the wheels which, on the contrary, must leave a little play to allow easy movement of the wheels. This will prevent the appearance of annoying noises and click clacks on your treadmill.

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