Saturday 17 May 2014

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1. Treadmill Motor hood removal (follow the instruction provided in this blog)
2. Remove the green ground wire coming from the motor that is grounded on the Transformer mounting bolt. You will also need to cut the plastic ties that hold the wire in place.
3. Remove the red and black wires that are connected into the controller board and the ties that keep these wires in place. You will need to remove the glue that was used to reduce the chance that the connectors come loose.
Note: Where the wires are connected on the controller board and where the ties are placed.

4.    Release bolt with 14 mm wrench and take off shock absorbing spring.

5.    Loosen and remove screw which connecting motor bracket and fasten seat with 13 mm wrench.

6.    Unscrew the two 6 mm Allen Screws that attach the motor to the bracket and carefully lower the motor. You will need to pull the belt from them or pulley while lowering the motor.

Replacement Steps:
Reverse motor removal steps

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