Sunday 18 May 2014

V-Fit service, Quantum repair, Carl Lewis treadmill repair | Treadmill Drive Motor replacement

Treadmill motor replacement steps

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Some parts you can find on our website
  1. Running/Walking Belt for treadmill
  2. Treadmill safety key 
  3. Treadmill drive belt  
  4. Speed sensor for treadmill 
  5. Treadmill running deck
  6. Treadmill controller 220 to 240 VAC input (Europe / Asia / Australia) 
  7. Treadmill controllers 110-120 VAC input (North America)
  8. Treadmill motor
  9. Treadmill motor parts, brushes, holders, fans
  10. Transformers, chokes, breakers, cables


  1. my treadmill carried on moving after i had finished using it and now has stopped working can you help?

  2. Wire broke just below display panel some thing went pop now treadmill won't run