Saturday 17 May 2014

Maxxus Treadmill Service, Marcy Treadmill Service, Body Sculpture Treadmill Service | Speed Sensor removal and replacement

Prerequisite: Step 1 Motor Hood Removal (check this blog)

Treadmill Speed sensor removal Steps:
A.    Remove the speed sensor by pull it out but first maybe have to remove the adhesive between sensor and socket holder.

B.    Remove the wire connection with control board.

Note1: This connector will be glued on, to ensure that is not come loose. Carefully remove the glue on the connector.
Note2: There are one or two magnets mounted on the treadmill front roller pulley. The speed pickup clicks each time these magnets pass over the tops of the switch. Check to make sure that these magnets are present before removing the speed sensor.

Treadmill Speed sensor replacement steps:
A.    Connect the two pins connector from the speed sensor in the controller board.
(Make sure that the connector is turned the right way and pushes in securely.)
B.    Insert the sensor into the socket holder then glue to be fixed.
Note: If the speed pickup is not working properly, an E1 error will show on the display. This E1 error will occur after the treadmill starts for several seconds. If this occurs, you can pull out the speed sensor and hold the sensor closer to the magnets on the front pulley to see if the sensor begins to work.

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