Sunday 11 May 2014

Support for treadmill belts such as York & Trimline| Replacing the belt

                                                        A running belt in need of replacement

Don’t let your treadmill end up damaged like the one above by overusing the existing running belt.
How to buy the right replacement belt?
First of all, check if the measurements are written on the back (the white part), it is often already shown (printed in ink).
If they are not there, you do NOT need to remove the walking belt from the treadmill.
Use a tape measure, and fetch some pieces of scotch tape, mark the starting point and begin to measure the walking belt. As you proceed you will have to extend the tape. If the tape is too short, mark the treadmill belt with scotch tape or a piece of chalk.
Measure the whole running belt in this way and then buy directly from our site
replacement belts for home use treadmills at the most convenient price.

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