Wednesday 20 August 2014

Weekly treadmill maintenance

Belt lubrication and cleaning for the upkeep of electric treadmills
Maintenance on a weekly or fortnightly basis
In the event of faults visit our blog for information on treadmill repair or contact a service centre

treadmill maintenance
For the lubrication of your treadmill used only 100% silicone treadmill oil spray and avoid products that use additives and petroleum distillates. 
The icon shown in fi g.1 will appear to guide you how to lubricate the running deck. 
After lubricating, press the reduce speed button and reduce incline at the same time the icon will disappear from the display. 
The icon shown in fig.2 will appear for one minute after turning on the treadmill to remind you to carry out the monthly checks and cleaning of the deck. 
After performing the maintenance, by pressing the decrease speed and reduce incline together the icon will disappear from the display. 

Note: You must follow the directions and the service intervals in the manual because the icons are only indicative 

To ensure a long life and maximum efficiency of your treadmill you must persevere with the routine maintenance. In addition to what is stated in the manual, you should follow the following steps. 

Before proceeding, make sure the treadmill is turned off and unplugged from the mains. Fold the tool into a vertical position.

Each week:
Remove dust deposits, dirt or traces of sweat marks with a damp cloth. Do not use detergents under the walking belt. Do not pour water or let moisture in between the edge of the display panel and the console.

Every 20 hours of operation or at least every two weeks:
The degree of lubrication of the running deck, must be greasy to the touch. If the deck is dry proceed to lubricate according to the guidelines of the instruction manual:
- Lift the left edge of the belt
- Lubricate with two squirts through the canister of
treadmill oil spray
- apply the lubricant onto the lower part of the belt (see diagram), do not apply it on the black rubber running surface!
- After lubrication remove any excess silicone that could have been deposited to the side of the belt, or on the frame
- Try to spray the treadmill lubricant as close as possible to the centre of the deck.
- Start the machine and walk a few minutes at low speed (3-4 km / h) to distribute the lubricant evenly over the entire surface of the deck


  1. Please, how can I resolve error 02 in Lime Pro treadmill? Thanks a lot

    1. Depends how it happens, if it starts, turns a few seconds and then it stops, it is likely to be a sensor problem and you can get here the replacement sensor: treadmill sensors, while if it doesn't start at all it is likely to be a controller problem: controllers