Friday 8 August 2014

Treadmill Belt: how do you take the right size for a replacement

Taking the size of the running belt (also called walking belt or walking bed) is not always easy. Here you can find some suggestions how to take it in the right way.

Preliminary notes

1) The size of belts is almost always meant in mm  (1 inch =25.4 millimeters)
2) The suppliers refer to belt size as installed at nominal tension (approx. 1-1.1 lbs).
3) It's always good to take the belt size when it's installed in the treadmill. In fact the regulation position is as much important as the belt size.
4) Beware of the size written on the user manual. Most of the time it's the running area or it's wrong.
5) Belts standard stretch 1-1.5% after installation but could stretch more after long usage.
6) All treadmills have regulations so that different length belts can be used. Most of commercial treadmills have double regulation (a front regulation in addition to the rear one)

How to take the size of your running belt

a) stick some adhesive tape on the belt (rubber side) or use a pen on the back of the belt (texture side) to mark the starting position.
b) use a flexible meter and take the size from the starting position until you can. Add another mark on the belt.
d) move the belt and do again b) until you take the total length of the belt.

Usually, home belts are 2100 to 3000 mm, commercial 2800 to 3550 mm length. So to make it easy I mark the belt every 1 meter (1000 mm).

Now check the belt regulation bolts, by removing one of both the end caps

i) if everything is ok, the two regulation bolts should be in a very similar position
ii) the regulation bolts are 50 to 70 mm long, this allows you to use very different belts (up to 100/140 mm). In fact, each mm of regulation of the bolt is 2 mm of belt length difference (since it's double sided).
iii) the belt should have at least 1 cm left for back regulation

Finally choose the right belt

Look on our treadmill belts shop for the standard sizes. Find the ones nearer to your size. Choose the best according to the actual bolt position.
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