Saturday 18 October 2014

Quick troubleshooting on treadmill error codes

Please check this guide

And read it together with the blog.

Usually, the error on the console means a "status". I.e. E1 = I don't get speed signal? Then if there is no signal but the treadmill starts turning and then stops after 10 secs. it's a speed sensor problem if it doesn't start at all is usually a broken mcb problem, if it stops after some minutes working with load, but it doesn't stop without load, it's motor.

Some treadmills report E2 or E3 instead of E1 but the logic behind is the same

E6/E7 are usually incline motor problems

E0 or blank console is usually safety key missing.

Some treadmills show communication error (E9 or other). This is common on mcb with 4 pins connection cable to console (rx / tx style). Those are related to cabling, or broken console/ controller.

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