Wednesday 20 August 2014

Spin bike Slide | Exercise Bike Slide

The following guide can be used for spin bikes or exercise bikes.
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Description of the problem.

• Incorrect belt positioning
• belt slipping.
• noisy transmission 


Check alignment CROWN FLYWHEEL (Belt Line)
Check belt tension

_disassemble the pedals
_ disassemble caps to release the central 

_Adjust the caps of the bottom bracket (tightening to the right and unscrewing to the left) in order to align the crown to the flywheel.

_Close the bracket and by tightening the caps.
_Reattach the pedals
_ Reattach the belt and check the alignment by turning the pedals. Make sure that the belt remains in the in place.

_ Unscrew the nuts of the flywheel and put tension on the belt with the unhooked tensioner

_ Secure the flywheel nuts.
_ Install the spring and put tension on the belt tensioner adjusting the nut

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