Friday 22 August 2014

Treadmill motor controller

A motor controller is a device managing the performance of an electric motor. In commercial treadmills, most of the motors are AC motors and the controller is an inverter, so that the regulation of motor speed is based on current frequency. Home use controllers are based on PWM technique (Pulse Width Modulation). In this case, the speed regulation of the motor is based on output voltage (higher voltage for higher speed).  There are different models of treadmill motor controllers used in the home fitness equipment industry. The most common brands are: Endex, AsTek, Sunway. Other brands are Greenmaster, Shanghai eWay, Motordriver, LIEO.  When it comes to replacing it may be difficult to find the replacement part if you don't rely on a supplier with wide variety and extensive experience in this specific field. Treadmill Parts is the most complete one-stop shop for purchasing of treadmill spare parts. You can find at the following link the treadmill motor controllers catalogue

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