Thursday, 8 March 2018

Treadmill maintenance: deck replacement

To replace the deck, proceed as follows:
remove the motor front casing and the rear plastic caps;
remove the side footrails;
loosen the rear roller as far as it will go;
unscrew the external screws of the deck and remove it (see next figure);
insert the new deck and fix it to the frame;
reposition the rear roller and make a first adjustment of the belt;
rearrange the protections removed and start the treadmill slowly to adjust the belt correctly.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Replacement of the treadmill belt

To replace the belt, follow the next steps:
¬ remove the front casing and the rear roller cover plastic guards;
¬ remove the side footrests;
¬ remove the rear roller:
¬ remove the right-hand adjusting screw of the front roller so that it can be lifted;
¬ unscrew the external screws of the deck;
¬ remove the belt and insert the new one;
¬ tighten the adjusting screw of the front roller and align it correctly so that it is exactly perpendicular to the deck of the treadmill (see Figure);
¬ reposition the rear roller and make a first adjustment of the belt;
¬ rearrange the protections removed and start the treadmill at a low speed to adjust the belt correctly.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

DK City, Proteus, Powerfirst, Dream Fitness assistance | do it yourself | Replacement of the elevation motor

Contact us if you need spare parts for the brands DK City, Proteus, Powerfirst, Dream Fitness or any other brand of domestic or gym treadmill. We are able to supply most of the spare parts at competitive prices (boards, running belts, transmission belts, motors, tilt motors, control boards).
For a correct replacement of the elevation motor follow the following procedure:
• turn off the treadmill and disconnect it from the power supply;
• disconnect the electric cables of the elevation motor;
• remove the damaged elevation motor;
• connect the electric cables, including grounding, of the new elevation motor;
• switch on the treadmill and try adjusting the inclination (without fixing the motor to the frame) using the "INCLINE +" and "INCLINE -" keys, making sure that the motor axe turns;
• if the engine works correctly, keep the "INCLINE -" button pressed until the engine reaches the end position;
• press the button again to make sure that the motor does not go further down and the axe does not rotate;
• turn off the treadmill and turn the cylinder on the axe (see Figure) until you reach a L MIN distance defined by the following table; take care not to rotate the central axe; the table also defines the maximum distance of extension of the cylinder with maximum inclination L MAX of the treadmill (data may vary by a few millimeters between different models of treadmill);

• fix the rear bracket of the elevation motor;
• position the hole for inserting the locking screws; it will be necessary to rotate the cylinder with a maximum of ½ turn; take care not to rotate the central axe;
• fasten the fixing screws of the elevation motor;
• calibrate the tilt motor by pressing the "SPEED +", "SPEED -" and "ENTER" buttons at the same time for a few seconds (works on most models). This procedure allows to restore the correct inclination range.

Contact us for assistance and spare parts.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Body Masters, HealthRider, Greenmaster, Reebok assistance | measurement of electric current at initial speed

We report a tip to measure the electric current at initial speed which works for treadmills branded Body Masters, HealthRider, Greenmaster, Reebok and others. 
1) Select the value of 40A in direct current on the clamp of the amperometer
2) Reset the instrument
3-4) Hook the red wire of the motor with the clamp and carry out the reading. The measurement should be done with the treadmill switched on at the speed of 0.8 km/h.
The measurement carried out should not exceed 2 A, otherwise it means that there are probably engine failures (overcurrent / current leaks).
Buy on our e-shop spare parts to get assistance on Body Masters, HealthRider, Greenmaster, Reebok, and all brands of commercial and domestic treadmills.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Treadmill service: Replace front roller

To replace the front roller, follow the procedure below:
turn off the treadmill and disconnect it from the power supply;
open the motor protection cover;
loosen the rear roller trying to keep the roller perpendicular to the running deck;
completely unscrew the right-hand adjusting screw of the front roller;
remove the drive belt from the roller and motor pulleys;
remove the front roller and replace with the new roller;
reposition the drive belt on the roller and motor pulleys;
screw the right screw on the front roller and align it correctly so that it is exactly perpendicular to the deck of the treadmill (see following photo):
  • check the exact alignment of the transmission belt (see the following photo);
    re-tighten and adjust the rear roller;
    turn on the treadmill and set the manual program to 5 - 6 km/h to perform the re-alignment of the rollers and centering of the belt;
    switch off the treadmill and reposition the motor protection cover.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Weslo Assistance: Electrostatic discharge

Contact us for assistance and spare parts
We see in this article a suggestion of our technicians for assistance on the Weslo treadmills.
If the user receives a small electric discharge during operation of the treadmill, you can try solving the problem in the following manner
• check the nature of the "discharge, i.e. if it derives from static or other phenomena;
• if the electric discharges are of an electrostatic nature, check the environment in which the customer is running and with what types of clothes he performs the exercises. If necessary replace the belt, because old running belts may cause electrostatic discharges;
• if the electric discharges are not of an electrostatic nature, check the grounding system of the treadmill and all its components. Check the integrity of the wiring and that there are no components of the controller under tension in direct contact with parts of the frame;
• check that the customer's grounding system is up to standard;
• check the pulse sensors, as in some cases the wires leaving the sensor touch or are pinched to the frame (see figure). In this case isolate the part where the contact occurs (see figure) and reposition the hand-pulse (see figure)
• if, after careful checking of the connections and any replacement of the belt or other parts, no appreciable results are obtained, the cause may lie on the frame painting.

Contact us by phone or e-mail for spare parts.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Treadmill motor: replace it and adjust the trimmer of the board

Some things to consider when replacing the treadmill motor.
Over time, the ways in which the power ratings of treadmill motors have been calculated have changed. In the past, the c.d. "continuous duty power" S1 was calculated on the basis of the motor insulation class and the type of use (8 duty cycle classes, S1 to S8, defined by the IEC). Subsequently for marketing reasons, powers related to discontinuous operation were used. So, the same engine labeled in the past 3/4 HP (0.75 HP) can now be labeled 2.75 HP, because instead of doing the calculation in S1 class it is done in class 6.
Test of the armature of a motor, weight verification
In general, the real power of the motor depends primarily on the diameter and secondly on the length of the motor (the diameter, however, affects much more). It can be considered that motors with diameter from 8 / 8.5 cm are from about 1.5 HP continuous (some more serious manufacturers mark them 1 HP), a diameter of 9.5/10.0 sounds reasonable for 1.75 HP, 10.5 cm for 2.25, 12 cm for a 2.5 / 2.75. Besides it is difficult to go on motors for domestic use. Small motors break down more frequently (they dissipate heat much worse, have a smaller manifold, etc.). Some construction details could make one motor a bit better than another of equivalent dimensions (e.g. the one in the picture above has the slats of the oblique armature)
Turning the TORQUE trimmer clockwise adjusts the torque given to the motor
When replacing a smaller size motor with a larger one, it is often necessary to adjust the trimmer on the board.
It may be necessary to adjust the IR and LIMIT trimmers (also called TORQUE)
The SPEED trimmer is used to adjust the ratio between the input signal to the motor board (coming from the console) and the relative output on the motor (e.g. from a 5V regulation from the console = 140V to the motor can switch to 5V to the board = 180V to the engine). This adjustment is usually useless because a retraction system (optical or magnetic speed sensor) returns the real speed to the console and the console consequently adapts the signal sent to the engine control card as long as the read speed does not match the one set on the console.

Thursday, 22 February 2018


At Parts For Treadmill we are convinced that every little helps.
Today we are helping Oxfam, an association that, despite the recent scandals, is helping people all over the world and is highlighting in their reports growing inequalities in the third as well as in the western world.
We also believe in entrepreneurship, so we are helping little communities and growing entrepreneurs with the association Kiva
Kiva ( is an international no-profit organization which envision a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.
By lending as little as $25 on Kiva, anyone can help a borrower start or grow a business, go to school, access clean energy or realize their potential. For some, it’s a matter of survival, for others it’s the fuel for a life-long ambition.
Today we help:
A loan helps to buy more maize flour, cassava and beans for sale.

Kuña Mbarete Group
Curuguaty, Paraguay
A loan helps to buy fabric in bulk.

Sokhea's Group
Kampot Province, Chhuk District, Cambodia
A loan helps to buy more fertilizer to improve the yields
from her lemongrass farmland.

Penda's Group
A loan helps to buy shoes and undergarments to sell.

Benkadi Group
Nonsombougou, Mali
A loan helps to buy sheep to raise and resell in order to support
his family.

A loan helps to buy more women's clothes to sell.

Mujeres Promesas Group
San Pedro Yepocapa, Chimaltenango, Guatemala
A loan helps to buy soda pop at wholesale prices.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Treadmill belt | when to replace it and how to adjust it

ATTENTION: the belt must be replaced if:
- it is not possible to tension (it continues to slip even after having it tightened)
- the black rubber is damaged or dry
- it tends to open up where there is a joint
- has swollen and touches the frame
- the white cloth underneath the belt is damaged or missing

In all these cases you can buy a low friction running belt for your treadmill on our e-shop
If you need spare parts or assistance, contact us.
Preliminary operations
1. Before starting, make sure the treadmill is turned off and unplugged from the power outlet.
2. To remove dust, pass the vacuum cleaner suction nozzle around the visible components.
3. For the removal of films or dirt, use a damp cloth with a mild detergent applied on the cloth only.
4. Do not immerse the components of the treadmill in any type of liquid.

Belt alignment
Make sure the walking belt is always centered to the treadmill frame. The way you run on the treadmill and a non-flat floor surface are two possible causes of belt misalignment.
When the belt is misaligned, it is necessary to act on the two adjustment bolts on the treadmill back.
1. Press "START" to start the running belt and then increase the belt speed up to 5 Km/h.
2. Stand behind the treadmill to determine in which direction the belt tends to move.
3. If the belt moves to the left, turn the left adjustment bolt a quarter of a turn clockwise and the right bolt a quarter turn counterclockwise (See FIG. C)
4. If the belt moves to the right, turn the left adjustment bolt a quarter turn in the counterclockwise direction and the right bolt a quarter turn clockwise (See FIGURE D)
5. Observe the path of the belt for about one minute. If necessary, repeat the operations in steps 3, 4 and 5.

Adjustment of the tension of the treadmill belt
Adjust the tension of the treadmill belt if it starts to slip on the rollers.
Keep the belt as slow as possible while adjusting the treadmill belt tension.
1. Press "START" to start the treadmill, then set the speed to 1 Km/h.
2. Slow down the belt holding yourself firmly to the handlebar and applying more weight on the belt as if walking downhill. By breaking considerably, the belt may slip.
3. If the belt slips, stop the treadmill, turn both the screws a quarter of a turn clockwise and repeat steps 2-3 if necessary.
Note: take care not to over-tension the belt. Stop as soon as the belt no longer slips. If it keeps slipping, replace the belt.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Icon MC2100E repair | treadmill controller checks using LED

If you need spare parts or assistance, contact us.
To find out if the controller has not been damaged etc., follow the steps described below
- with the board installed and main switch off, keep an eye on the red LED on the board (there is only one). When you turn on the main switch, the LED MUST NOT light up simultaneously with the activation of the switch, but it must light up steady after a certain delay (some instants).
At the beginning, it makes an almost imperceptible "lighting-up", then it turns on fixed. If it becomes fixed immediately, the control board is damaged (programming error) and you have to change the controller.
Other cases in which the board is damaged, always linked to the LED are:
- LED on steady immediately with weak light.
- LED completely off, but dashboard / console turned on (probable microprocessor in short).
If the board is not damaged or does not have the micro damage, then it is potentially repairable.
Note: starting from May 2015, Treadmill Spare Parts, together with the Repairs Laboratory, has developed a replacement chip which allows the successful repair of all defective Icon boards of the MC2100, MC66 and MC2000 types even in the event of a faulty original chip.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

E1 E2 treadmill errors/ speed sensor

The errors E1 and E2 on the treadmill often depend on problems with the speed sensor. In fact, they indicate the wrong reading of the actual speed of the treadmill.
If you need spare parts or assistance, contact us.
The most common sensor is the magnetic type (in photo). In most cases, the sensor has a "cigar" shape while in some cases a square shape. The square sensor is identical to the cigar sensor in the functionality. In both cases, before proceeding with the replacement it is advisable to check that the magnet placed on the pulley is close to the sensor (2-3 mm) otherwise the missing reading may depend on the fact that the sensor has moved due to the treadmill vibrations.
On our e-shop you can buy sensors for treadmills.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Belt for treadmill position control guides

Applicable for different types of treadmills manufactured by Strengthmaster and other makers. Useful in case the belt guides are positioned incorrectly and ruin the running belt at the sides.
1. Under the running platform, welded on the frame there are two guides.
2. Temporarily offset the belt under the guide.
3. Measure the distance between the driving footrest: this should be between 17 and 18 mm.

4. If the distance is different from the specified distance, use a key (10 mm) or another tool to restore the correct distance.
5. Be very careful to act exactly on the point shown in the figure to avoid damaging the guide.
6. Repeat the same operation on the other guide.
7. Center and tension the belt.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Motor with electric discharges or incorrect calibration of the treadmill controller

n this video we show a malfunctioning treadmill. In the video you can see how the motor starts and sometimes a red light on the board lights up (current limit reached).
The defect may be due to an incorrect calibration of the LIM trimmer on the board (too low) or more likely by a demagnetization of the motor, which must therefore be replaced.
Find spare parts and assistance for treadmills on the website:

In this second video, we show abnormal behavior at a more sustained rate.
First of all, it can be seen that the motor tends to go much too fast, i.e. at a speed exceeding the one set on the console.
Moreover, it is seen that as soon as a load is applied (the person steps on), the motor slows down significantly and the red light on the board turns on.
This is another symptom of a demagnetizing engine. The motor must be therefore replaced.

In this last video, we see that changing the setting of the IR trimmer causes sudden changes to the motor rotation speed. The IR trimmer is the regulation of the minimum power of the motor (to be set according to motor specification).
The technician also tries to set the LIMIT trimmer. LIMIT sets the max. current to the motor. Clearly there is no change as this trimmer comes into play as protection of the board when the motor requires a lot of current.
The third SPEED trimmer is in this configuration irrelevant because the speed is controlled on this treadmill (and on many others) directly from the console, so the control board cannot make adjustments.

E3 E4 error on Technogym Run XT 600

In this video we show the E3 / E4 error on the Technogym Run XT 600 gym treadmill.

Based on the error codes (see it is possible to identify the cause of the fault. In this specific case on the inverter E4 was displayed. The inverter had to be replaced, because it was short-circuited. We replaced it with one of the new ones supplied by Treadmill Parts

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Testing inverter for SportsArt gym treadmill

In this video, we show the final test of an inverter that has been configured to be connected to a SportsArt treadmill.
For safety reasons, the inverter is configured in such a way, that if the user turns the potentiometer to its maximum, the speed takes 25 seconds to rise gradually to the max. In case the potentiometer is turned suddenly to zero, it takes 10 sec. for the treadmill to go down to its minimum.
We can realize specific custom configurations to replace various inverters including SportsArt, Panatta, Technogym, Life Fitness, and others. In some cases, it is possible to configure the inverter to communicate directly with the console.
See examples at the following link or contact us.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Spare parts and assistance for Vaculife Vacuum treadmill - slimming treadmill

On vacuum treadmills, it is necessary to frequently replace the belt, to maintain the good functionality of the treadmill over time, and to use quality products in assistance. Treadmill parts provides spare parts, especially low friction co-efficient belts, and ecological lubricants for the maintenance of this particular type of treadmill.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Functioning and connection of the compatible controller for Johnson Fitness

In this video, we show how the Johnson Fitness compatible controller works. It may be installed on Treo and Horizon branded treadmills.

 This controller can be purchased on the site:

Sunday, 21 January 2018

E-Way treadmill controller final test after repair

In this video, we test an eWay controller after the repair. To purchase the test and repair service (domestic and professional) visit this

Friday, 19 January 2018

Connection of an earplug heart rate sensor to an exercise bike

In this video, we show how to connect an earpulse heart rate sensor to an exercise bike computer.
You can buy the sensor via the following link, and compatible computers for exercise bikes of various brands, predisposed for the heart rate sensor.


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The repair of johnson t9000 inverter

In this picture we see a repair of a johnson t9000 inverter, just completed. Now the inverter is ready to be reassembled on the treadmill in the gym.

For information on this and other professional repair services, follow this link:

Monday, 15 January 2018

Treadmill emergency stop Q&A

Question (Rob W)
I am an electrical engineer and have a Trotter 525.
I want to install a magnetic or rip cord switch to the treadmill to ensure my son who has had an head injury doing physio is safe.
Do you sell the switch and cord? I can then drill, install and wire it up.
Answer (Parts for Treadmill)
Dear Rob,
Usually in new treadmills there is a magnetic safety key like this
On the back of the console there is a small piece of metal, usually glued (which keeps the safety key in place) and a sensor (also glued) which opens and closes a 2 pin circuit. There is no need to drill the console to install this.
The sensor has a wire of about 100 cm length, which goes down the treadmill posts to the motor compartment. Down there you usually find a controller board which gets the sensor signal, if it's open, it stops the motor power or doesn't allow it to start.
If there is no key on your treadmill (looks an old model), you could make a switch yourself so that the sensor controls the switch below and cuts the current in case the safety key is removed.
Is that what are you looking for? If the situation is not so bad, that could be good, but please note that there are on the market specific treadmills aimed at rehabilitation which have additional safety features (such as reduced speed, long handrails, automatic-speed setting, etc.), which can lower risks more than the use of the safety key which is designed for people in good physical standing. 


Monday, 8 January 2018

Today we help Abraham, a man from Kenya who needs money to fund fracture repair surgery.

At Parts for Treadmill we believe that being physically active in life is the best medicine against diseases, especially to face the problem of ageing in our counties of the first world. This is the reason why we offer qualitative reasonably priced spare parts and service for the repair of fitness equipment.

In third world countries, unfortunately, people have different problems and sometimes we want to help. Thank to watsi we are helping today Abraham with a donation of 570 USD. We would like to share its story here. You can donate to any of watsi patient with an amount of your choice.
Abraham's story

Abraham is a casual laborer from Kenya. He is a hardworking father of one. Abraham is the firstborn in a family of four. He lost his parents when he was only ten, which forced him to drop out of school and to take care of his three younger sisters.
On his way to work, Abraham was aboard a tractor loaded with logs. Unfortunately, before reaching their destination, the tractor lost control and hit a wall. Abraham broke his leg, while the others only suffered minor injuries. Abraham is not able to walk on his own and experiences pain.
Fortunately, surgeons at Watsi's medical partner can help. Abraham will undergo a fracture repair procedure, called an open reduction and internal fixation. This treatment will enable him walk again and go back to work again Now, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $968 to fund this procedure. Parts For Treadmill contributed with $570, needed to complete the crowdfunding.
“I pray to God to give me good health so that continue working hard,” says Abraham.

Abraham underwent fracture repair surgery.

Abraham’s surgery was successful. He experienced pain after the surgery but later became stable. When he recovers fully, he will return to his job of tree cutting.

“I wish to thank all who made my surgery successful. I am recovering on well,” he says.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Test of eWay treadmill controller B103 S05 (ProSport XPL 1000) after repair

Test of eWay treadmill controller, after repair in our lab. Most of the eWay treadmill controllers are equipped with a 2 pin magnetic speed sensor (replacements available on 

This special model B103 S05 (ProSport XPL 1000) is equipped with a 3 pin sensor. The lab carried on the repair and you can see the controller working again on the test bench. Interested in this repair service? Take a look here:

Thursday, 4 January 2018

E1 E2 treadmill errors/ speed sensor

The errors E1 and E2 on the treadmill often depend on problems with the speed sensor (when it is not a fault of other components). In fact, they indicate the wrong reading of the actual speed of the treadmill.
If you need spare parts or assistance, contact us

The most used sensor is the magnetic type (in the photo). In most cases, the sensor has a "cigar" shape while in some cases a square sensor is mounted. The square sensor is identical to the cigar sensor in the functionality. In both cases, before proceeding with the replacement it is advisable to check that the magnet placed on the pulley is close to the sensor (2-3 mm) otherwise the missing reading may depend on the fact that the sensor has moved due to the vibrations of the treadmill.
If the treadmill doesn’t start at all, please check the controller first.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Domyos Decathlon Assistance: TC290 and TC490

Attention, for all customers with one of the following products:
     Domyos TC 290
     Domyos TC 490
Purchased at a DECATHLON store before August 16, 2010
The Decathlon assistance has made a recall of the above products and invites you to immediately disconnect power and not to use them.
As part of the quality and safety check procedure, a malfunction has been detected: in very rare cases, an anomalous engine heating has been detected.
Please contact your local Decathlon shop for service, or replace the motor yourself. 

Visit to buy treadmill spare parts compatible with Decathlon and with the most popular brands on the market or request the intervention of a Domyos home help center.
If you need spare parts or assistance, contact us.