Monday, 15 January 2018

Treadmill emergency stop Q&A

Question (Rob W)
I am an electrical engineer and have a Trotter 525.
I want to install a magnetic or rip cord switch to the treadmill to ensure my son who has had an head injury doing physio is safe.
Do you sell the switch and cord? I can then drill, install and wire it up.
Answer (Parts for Treadmill)
Dear Rob,
Usually in new treadmills there is a magnetic safety key like this
On the back of the console there is a small piece of metal, usually glued (which keeps the safety key in place) and a sensor (also glued) which opens and closes a 2 pin circuit. There is no need to drill the console to install this.
The sensor has a wire of about 100 cm length, which goes down the treadmill posts to the motor compartment. Down there you usually find a controller board which gets the sensor signal, if it's open, it stops the motor power or doesn't allow it to start.
If there is no key on your treadmill (looks an old model), you could make a switch yourself so that the sensor controls the switch below and cuts the current in case the safety key is removed.
Is that what are you looking for? If the situation is not so bad, that could be good, but please note that there are on the market specific treadmills aimed at rehabilitation which have additional safety features (such as reduced speed, long handrails, automatic-speed setting, etc.), which can lower risks more than the use of the safety key which is designed for people in good physical standing. 


Monday, 8 January 2018

Today we help Abraham, a man from Kenya who needs money to fund fracture repair surgery.

At Parts for Treadmill we believe that being physically active in life is the best medicine against diseases, especially to face the problem of ageing in our counties of the first world. This is the reason why we offer qualitative reasonably priced spare parts and service for the repair of fitness equipment.

In third world countries, unfortunately, people have different problems and sometimes we want to help. Thank to watsi we are helping today Abraham with a donation of 570 USD. We would like to share its story here. You can donate to any of watsi patient with an amount of your choice.
Abraham's story

Abraham is a casual laborer from Kenya. He is a hardworking father of one. Abraham is the firstborn in a family of four. He lost his parents when he was only ten, which forced him to drop out of school and to take care of his three younger sisters.
On his way to work, Abraham was aboard a tractor loaded with logs. Unfortunately, before reaching their destination, the tractor lost control and hit a wall. Abraham broke his leg, while the others only suffered minor injuries. Abraham is not able to walk on his own and experiences pain.
Fortunately, surgeons at Watsi's medical partner can help. Abraham will undergo a fracture repair procedure, called an open reduction and internal fixation. This treatment will enable him walk again and go back to work again Now, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $968 to fund this procedure. Parts For Treadmill contributed with $570, needed to complete the crowdfunding.
“I pray to God to give me good health so that continue working hard,” says Abraham.

Abraham underwent fracture repair surgery.

Abraham’s surgery was successful. He experienced pain after the surgery but later became stable. When he recovers fully, he will return to his job of tree cutting.

“I wish to thank all who made my surgery successful. I am recovering on well,” he says.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Test of eWay treadmill controller B103 S05 (ProSport XPL 1000) after repair

Test of eWay treadmill controller, after repair in our lab. Most of the eWay treadmill controllers are equipped with a 2 pin magnetic speed sensor (replacements available on 

This special model B103 S05 (ProSport XPL 1000) is equipped with a 3 pin sensor. The lab carried on the repair and you can see the controller working again on the test bench. Interested in this repair service? Take a look here:

Thursday, 4 January 2018

E1 E2 treadmill errors/ speed sensor

The errors E1 and E2 on the treadmill often depend on problems with the speed sensor (when it is not a fault of other components). In fact, they indicate the wrong reading of the actual speed of the treadmill.
If you need spare parts or assistance, contact us

The most used sensor is the magnetic type (in the photo). In most cases, the sensor has a "cigar" shape while in some cases a square sensor is mounted. The square sensor is identical to the cigar sensor in the functionality. In both cases, before proceeding with the replacement it is advisable to check that the magnet placed on the pulley is close to the sensor (2-3 mm) otherwise the missing reading may depend on the fact that the sensor has moved due to the vibrations of the treadmill.
If the treadmill doesn’t start at all, please check the controller first.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Domyos Decathlon Assistance: TC290 and TC490

Attention, for all customers with one of the following products:
     Domyos TC 290
     Domyos TC 490
Purchased at a DECATHLON store before August 16, 2010
The Decathlon assistance has made a recall of the above products and invites you to immediately disconnect power and not to use them.
As part of the quality and safety check procedure, a malfunction has been detected: in very rare cases, an anomalous engine heating has been detected.
Please contact your local Decathlon shop for service, or replace the motor yourself. 

Visit to buy treadmill spare parts compatible with Decathlon and with the most popular brands on the market or request the intervention of a Domyos home help center.
If you need spare parts or assistance, contact us.