Thursday 13 September 2018

Energetics Treadmill Service and treadmill enhancement - Power Run

In this service carried out on an Energetics Power Run treadmill the engineer made the service on a very compact treadmill.
The customer (weight 98kg) had totally melted the treadmill motor, fortunately without damaging the control board.
  • for the service our technician has made a new metal bracket for fixing the motor. Made on purpose this allowed to mount a bigger motor in a smaller space (original engine diameter 8 cm, replacement motor diameter 10 cm)
  • installed a 2.25 hp Turdan engine instead of the original engine.

  • for greater safety, he drilled the plastic housing with two round holes and inserted two 12v fans (powered by a small transformer that receives power when the treadmill switch is turned on)
The result is that the user can train on the treadmill without the risk of overheating and improved the equipment with a motor that is normally mounted on much more expensive treadmills, thus having substantially improved it.
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