Friday 14 September 2018

Battery replacement for Tunturi T8 Alpha 300

First disconnect the power supply, then remove the display from the trainer

Put the display with front side down

Take out the 4 screws with a screw driver by turning them counter clockwise.

Get a good hold on the complete display to avoid it opening while turning and turn with the front side up on your workstation.

As the front side is facing upwards and all 4 screws are taken out you can carefully lift the left side of the front cover.

As soon as you can, take a look at the inside to see where the membrane cable is located to prevent it from breaking.


See the membrane cable shown in the picture. This cable breaks easily and can only be replaced by replacing the complete upper cover.

Take out the membrane flat cable by gently pulling it out in the vertical direction. (upwards)

As the membrane cable has been released you can fully take off the front cover.

Once the front cover has been removed you can easily access the CR2032 back up battery.

Take a thin hard tool, such as a knife or a small screw driver to tilt the battery out of its housing.

Note: mind the polarity of the battery.

the + pole should be facing always upwards.

You can see the battery type as well as the polarity sign on the battery.

The required battery type is: CR 2032


Replace the empty battery with a new battery by pushing it in position gently.

Make sure you put the membrane cable back into the socket again.

Note: avoid contact with the connection end of the flat cable. We advise cleaning the cable contacts with contact spray before assembling.

Press in the connector gently and keep your hands as close to the slot as possible to avoid the cable from bending during the assembly.

Close the upper cover again and turn it upside down on your workstation again.

Assemble the display again by fastening the four screws.

Note: After replacing the battery, all user data is lost. Computer will show Error 162 ~166.

This can be solved by overwriting the existing users again.

After installing a new back up battery.

When you have installed a new back up battery you will lose the parameter stored in the user interface boards EPROM.

This can be solved by the following procedure.

Enter the engineer mode by:

<EXTRA> function key
<OPERATION KEY 1> top key on the left

<UP> <DOWN> Navigation key
<RIGHT> <LEFT> Navigation key

<OPERATION KEY 1> top key on the left

You can exit the engineer mode by pressing the <Training> button at any time.

First stage of engineer mode shows

Time and distance value

The lower memory shown in the display can be cleared by pressing the lower operation key.

Press the Right navigation key to go to the next stage.

Second stage of engineer mode shows

Trainers parameters stored in display EPROM.

Restore parameters by pressing the third (bottom down) key on the left, to update EPROM. This will be confirmed by the message “Write ok” on the bottom line for a second.

Press the Right navigation key to go to the next stage.

The second stage of engineer mode also shows the measured speed and power consumption of the brake. If you would like, you can start to pedal in this mode. You can adjust the tension by pressing the – or + in this mode to see the values change.

Third stage of engineer mode shows
Error log. Including the history and error quantity.

The error log can be cleared by pressing the lower operation key.

Press the Right navigation key to go to the next stage.

Fourth stage of engineer mode shows

User details.

It shows the currently stored users andtheir password. This cannot be cleared but only monitored.

Press the Right navigation key to go to the first stage.

Some important error codes to mention are:

Error code 131-138 : User data corrupt. Overwrite users to solve

  1. : Low battery voltage. Replace battery to solve 161-166 : Parameters corrupt. Update EPROM to solve.

If any other error code appears or the given solution does not solve your problem, please contact our service department.

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