Monday 9 July 2018

New controller + motor kit for treadmill Nordick Track, Proform, Weslo

A special kit is now available from Treadmill Parts, that allows you to replace the control board and the motor of the treadmills branded Nordick Track, Proform, Weslo at a reasonable price (under € 250).

You can see above an example of installation .
The kit has been designed specifically for use in Europe, with 220 / 240V mains voltage and consists of a board, motor and two convenient metal clamps to fix the motor in position.
The advantages of using 180V engines instead of the original 130V engines are notable and explained in other articles on this blog.
Moreover, the supplied controller is equipped with a special overload LED which will light up, causing the board to slow down, if it reads abnormal absorption. This is a useful indication to notice the need for maintenance BEFORE damaging the components of the treadmill.
The board is composed of two sides and can be disassembled to position it in the same position as the original board (as for example) or it can be fixed on the frame by making two holes with the drill, or with double-sided tape.
In case of fixing with double sided tape, remember to use a grounding cable to ground the board frame because the tape may be insulating. This is to maintain electrical safety.

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