Thursday 5 July 2018

Wrong installation of the motor. Motor replacement

Motor treadmill assembly
In this example, we see one of the errors that can occur when mounting a treadmill motor.

As you can see from the picture the customer has inadvertently mounted the motor misaligned with respect to the roller pulley. In this configuration the drive belt will not work correctly.

Although the belt has some play and can recover imperfect alignments, if the misalignment is excessive two effects will occur:
1) the belt will tend to come out of the pulley during use
2) if you stretch the belt a lot to prevent it from slipping, it will apply a tangential force on the bearings of the pulleys (roller and motor) and this could lead to noise

Other possible errors in the installation of a replacement engine:
1) too long screws. If the screws are too long and enter too much into the motor, this can lead to several problems. The screws must simply be screwed into the outer frame of the motor. This problem can be avoided by using simple washers;
2) drill the motor: the motor must never be drilled. If the holes on it do not correspond to those on the treadmill bracket, it is necessary to drill the bracket (which is much simpler and safer). There are also motor clamps that allow you to fix the motor in position without the need to make holes, you can buy them here: motor clamps for treadmills
3) tensioning the motor belt too much: over tensioning the belt (or the running belt) is always an error and causes premature wear of the components. The tension must be the minimum necessary to ensure that the user cannot slip during the exercise and must not go further.
4) forget to do maintenance and monitor the motor during the first use: replacing the motor may not be a simple operation and the failure of the old motor could be due to some forgetfulness in periodic maintenance or some other component (e.g. running tape) that requires maintenance or replacement. How can you prevent the newly purchased motor from melting like your old motor?
It's easy, you have to measure "the fever" (especially during the first training sessions)
If the outer casing of the motor reaches 45 ° C during training or exceeds it, it means that additional maintenance is necessary. If you do not have a specific thermometer, you can simply (carefully) place your hand on the motor at the end of training, if the temperature is too high, it will not be possible to keep the hand on the motor because it will be too "hot".
If the temperature is abnormal, please first proceed with a cleaning and maintenance cycle, using appropriate lubricants. See the directions on our blog for the best tips.
If, despite the cleaning and lubrication, the motor continues to heat, the problem may lie in the deck, which must be straight and not have any hollows, or in some mechanical problem, but most frequently it concerns the running belt, especially if the belt is older than 5 years. By replacing the belt with a low-friction tape for treadmills, you will almost always solve the problem. If you purchased the motor at our treadmill spare parts e-shop and need more parts to complete the repair, please contact our customer care to get a special discount that will make your repair convenient.

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