Thursday, 19 December 2013

how to fix a treadmill | original technical documentation OMA treadmill manufacturer

OMA is one of the most famous treadmill manufacturer, let's see the error codes provided by their technical dept.

Following codes are based on 16004 treadmill but do apply also for other models.

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  8. Treadmill motor 
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  1. Error message E 03, so what to check

    1. It is an error usually related to speed (sensor/motor/controller). It is different if it starts and then stops with E3, or if it doesn't start at all and shows E3. I'd suggest you to contact a specialist, you can find a list here

    2. Yes start little bit then they show error 3

    3. It is likely to be a speed sensor problem you can try to replace the speed sensor, it may solve the problem. You can buy the speed sensor here: speed sensors for treadmills