Saturday 28 December 2013

How to repair treadmill belt | Belt Tensioning

If the belt beings to slip during use, it will need to be tensioned. The treadmill is equipped with tension bolts that are accessible from the back of the treadmill. Before tensioning the belt, start the treadmill and set the speed to 4KM/H. Using a 6 mm Allen Wrench, turn the right and left tension bolts 1/2 turn, alternating back and firth until the belt slipping stops. After each 1/2 turn adjustment, test to see if the slipping is eliminated.
If you turn one side more than the other, the belt will start to drift to the side of the treadmill and need to be aligned.

Over-tightening the belt will cause additional loading where on the mechanical and electrical components on treadmill and often does not fix the problem. If the slipping is not eliminated, try reducing the belt tension to see if the problem is resolved. If this does not eliminate the slipping, you may need to replace the belt. If the belt is replaced, always clean off the front roller to remove any extra lubricant that is present. When cleaning the front roller, make sure that you don’t get any water, detergent or solvent in the bearings or other components on the treadmill.

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