Saturday 28 December 2013

Belt for treadmill replacement and adjustment

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Walking belt removal and replacement procedure

1.    Treadmill motor hood removal
A. Loosen the fixing screws, which are usually on the right and left side of motor hood.  
B. After loosening, pull up to remove the hood.  
2.    Treadmill End Cap and Side Rail removal
a.    Loosen the screws, which fix the end caps, then take off the caps
b.    If the side rail is not screwed, pull it up (stick w/both side stick bond) then remove, but  w/care and prevent to break or damage the side rail.  

3.    Rear Roller removal
a.    Before loosening the Belt Tension Bolts mark the current roller position. You can do this by counting the number of threads on the tension bolt or noting the location relative to the round hole on the side of the mounting bracket
b.    Loosen and remove each belt tension bolt.
c.    Pull up on one side of the roller and pull the roller out from inside the belt
 4.    Front roller removal
a.    Loosen and remove the Belt Tension Bolt on the right side of the front roller.
b.    Remove the drive belt from the pullets by pulling the belt to the outside with one
hand and rotating the flywheel on the Motor with the other so that the belt
walks off the pulley.
c.    Pull up on the left side of the roller and pull the roller out. 

5.    Treadmill Running belt removal
a.    Remove the deck screws on the right side of deck which connecting to frame with a
Phillip/Cross screwdriver.
b.    Slide and pull the belt treadmill out. 
6.    Use a silicon lubricating spray on the inside of the belt before installation, then slide the new belt inside the treadmill.
7.    Reverse the steps to finally fix the belt.

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