Wednesday 28 February 2018

Treadmill service: Replace front roller

To replace the front roller, follow the procedure below:
turn off the treadmill and disconnect it from the power supply;
open the motor protection cover;
loosen the rear roller trying to keep the roller perpendicular to the running deck;
completely unscrew the right-hand adjusting screw of the front roller;
remove the drive belt from the roller and motor pulleys;
remove the front roller and replace with the new roller;
reposition the drive belt on the roller and motor pulleys;
screw the right screw on the front roller and align it correctly so that it is exactly perpendicular to the deck of the treadmill (see following photo):
  • check the exact alignment of the transmission belt (see the following photo);
    re-tighten and adjust the rear roller;
    turn on the treadmill and set the manual program to 5 - 6 km/h to perform the re-alignment of the rollers and centering of the belt;
    switch off the treadmill and reposition the motor protection cover.

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