Monday 5 February 2018

Motor with electric discharges or incorrect calibration of the treadmill controller

n this video we show a malfunctioning treadmill. In the video you can see how the motor starts and sometimes a red light on the board lights up (current limit reached).
The defect may be due to an incorrect calibration of the LIM trimmer on the board (too low) or more likely by a demagnetization of the motor, which must therefore be replaced.
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In this second video, we show abnormal behavior at a more sustained rate.
First of all, it can be seen that the motor tends to go much too fast, i.e. at a speed exceeding the one set on the console.
Moreover, it is seen that as soon as a load is applied (the person steps on), the motor slows down significantly and the red light on the board turns on.
This is another symptom of a demagnetizing engine. The motor must be therefore replaced.

In this last video, we see that changing the setting of the IR trimmer causes sudden changes to the motor rotation speed. The IR trimmer is the regulation of the minimum power of the motor (to be set according to motor specification).
The technician also tries to set the LIMIT trimmer. LIMIT sets the max. current to the motor. Clearly there is no change as this trimmer comes into play as protection of the board when the motor requires a lot of current.
The third SPEED trimmer is in this configuration irrelevant because the speed is controlled on this treadmill (and on many others) directly from the console, so the control board cannot make adjustments.

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