Monday 26 February 2018

Weslo Assistance: Electrostatic discharge

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We see in this article a suggestion of our technicians for assistance on the Weslo treadmills.
If the user receives a small electric discharge during operation of the treadmill, you can try solving the problem in the following manner
• check the nature of the "discharge, i.e. if it derives from static or other phenomena;
• if the electric discharges are of an electrostatic nature, check the environment in which the customer is running and with what types of clothes he performs the exercises. If necessary replace the belt, because old running belts may cause electrostatic discharges;
• if the electric discharges are not of an electrostatic nature, check the grounding system of the treadmill and all its components. Check the integrity of the wiring and that there are no components of the controller under tension in direct contact with parts of the frame;
• check that the customer's grounding system is up to standard;
• check the pulse sensors, as in some cases the wires leaving the sensor touch or are pinched to the frame (see figure). In this case isolate the part where the contact occurs (see figure) and reposition the hand-pulse (see figure)
• if, after careful checking of the connections and any replacement of the belt or other parts, no appreciable results are obtained, the cause may lie on the frame painting.

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