Wednesday 2 September 2015

Suggested maintenance for Nautilus treadmills

Daily Treadmill Maintenance

• Inspect the power cord and walking belt for wear.
• Check the position of the walking belt. Verify it is not rubbing against the frame. The belt should be
evenly spaced on the deck within 0.25 inches of each side rail. Adjust the belt if necessary.
• Check the optional side handrails to ensure they are fastened securely.
• Remove potential hazards from the treadmill area.

Cleaning Treadmill
Keeping the Nautilus ®  Commercial series T9 treadmill clean on a regular basis will help to improve
operation and increase the lifespan of the components.

•  Keep the treadmill and controller free of dust and debris. Use a damp sponge to wipe the exteriors
and walking belt; do not soak surfaces. Dry all surfaces thoroughly.

•  Elevate the treadmill to maximum incline and vacuum the floor under it to prevent excess dust and
dirt from interfering with operation.
•  If the magnetic key is being used, check it for rust. If you detect rust, replace the magnet. Rust on
the magnetic key will cause power-up problems.

Treadmill Interior

Depending upon the treadmill environment, dust and or lint can accumulate under the hood. Clean the
interior of the treadmill following the procedure below:

1. Turn the treadmill circuit breaker off, and unplug the treadmill power cord.
2. Remove the two (2) screws on the treadmill hood.
3. Lift off the hood.
4. Clean inside the unit.
5. Reinstall the hood and the two (2) screws.
6. Plug in the treadmill power cord, and switch on the treadmill circuit breaker.

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