Wednesday 2 September 2015

nautilus treadmill: Removing the Walking Deck

3.1  Remove the right and left Rubber Side Extrusion exposing the Side Rail Bolts (see Figure 3.1).

3.2  Remove the right Side Rail Bolts and Side Rail exposing the Deck Bolts, then repeat for the left side (see Figure  3.2).

3.3  Remove the left side Deck Bolts, then repeat for the  right side (see Figure 3.3).

3.4  Lift and slide the Walk Deck out and replace if needed  (see Figure 3.4).

3.5 Reverse steps when re-installing the Walk Deck.

IMPORTANT:  When reattaching the Walk Deck with the Deck Bolts, apply a small amount of Loctite #243 on the threads and torque to 15 in. lbs

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