Wednesday 2 September 2015

Inspection and Cleaning + Installing new running belt (Nautilus) checking Belt direction arrow

4.    Treadmill Inspection and Cleaning

4.1  Check the compression mounts for any wear and cracking. Make sure they are tight.
4.2  Check the deck for signs of wear.
  Important: Do not apply any cleaners or petroleum products to the deck surfaces.
4.3  Inspect the motor drive belt for wear and cracking. Cracking is prevalent between the grooves on
the belt.
4.4 Vacuum the deck and inside the motor housing.

5.  Installing the New Walk Belt

5.1   Slip the new belt over the deck. Make sure the arrow on the inside surface of the walk belt points in the proper direction of belt travel (see Figure 5.1) toward the rear of the machine.

5.2   Lift the deck with the installed new walk belt and place it on the compression mounts.
5.3   Lift and slide the belt until the arrow is visible on top of the deck. Verify that it points toward the back of the treadmill.

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