Wednesday 2 September 2015

Reinstalling the Rear Roller (Nautilus)

8.1   Slide the rear roller inside the belt and let it hang loose.
8.2   Install the alignment bolts through their holes in the  end cap and into the holes on the roller (see Figure 8.3).

8.3   Install the end cap onto the rear of the treadmill, making sure the alignment pins go into the holes on the ends of the side rails.
8.4  Hand tighten the adjustment bolts.
8.5   Align the walk belt so that the edges of the belt are equal distance from the side rails.
 8.6   Tighten the adjustment bolts to take the slack out of the walk belt.
8.7   Perform the belt tension and belt tracking procedures outlined before

9.    Reinstall the Treadmill Hood
9.1   Install all treadmill covers previously removed in step 1.2.
9.2  Plug the AC power cord into the treadmill, and turn on the treadmill circuit breaker switch.

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