Friday 22 July 2016

What to do if you have lost the safety key treadmill

In 1952, the first treadmills designed for human use appeared in the form of a cardiac stress test. Shortly after, the treadmills have begun to be used in gyms. Nowadays treadmills have heart rate monitors and security keys. In general, the keys should be applied on the clothes of the user and, in case of danger, stops operation of the treadmill. Unfortunately, these keys are often lost, and the user can’t anymore use his treadmill.
There are several types of keys. Each acts as a toggle; the key must be connected to the user by a cord, because, in the event of an accident, the key will come off and the treadmill will stop. This device, if removed, will also prevent children to start the appliance.
The magnetic safety key is the most common type. The classic security key, usually plastic, fits into a slot inside the tapis. Some security keys are equipped with metal contacts, which connect the two electrodes and close a circuit. They are covered with plastic, so the user avoids electric shock.
Attention: an attempt of replacement can be dangerous, especially for keys with metal contacts.
Always remember that the security key is there to avoid the risk of injury, replace it with a suitable one if you lose or damage it.
Rather buy a new security key on our site
or if the original key is no longer available or is very expensive (some security keys for Tunturi models can reach over 100,00), ask our staff to make a change to the console and replace the key with one of the most common types.

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