Wednesday 20 July 2016

Treadmill controllers and Gym Inverter Repairs

We repair inverters, consoles and controller boards in two specialized labs located in Europe. They offer the best experience to avoid expensive replacement of gym and home use electronic parts.
Price of repair is 79£ + shipment for home use treadmill controller,  150£ + shipment for standard gym inverters. When repair is not possible, lab will look for a compatible or universal controller.

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  1. Hi I've got a Ultim 8 pro vibration fitness plate and the power inverter has packed up.can this be repaired, I've taken the cover off to see if there's a fuse but nothing .it all looks good and clean in there with no obvious signs of anything burn out or shorting .can this be repaired at a reasonable cost please.the model number of this unit is UBV 400 ,240V,3 PHASE OUTPUT.

    1. hi, honestly the vibrating platform is not worth repairing