Wednesday 20 July 2016

Treadmill Running Belt Replacement

Running belt for treadmill, available in different sizes.

 Choose yours or order a tailor made belt! The belt is NEW and ready to be installed. Best quality recent manufacture low friction factor running / walking belts.
Hundreds standard size running belts are available in our stock, and we can replace them easily if you order the wrong size. If you need a tailor made belt, we can manufacture it with top-quality materials.

We can also print your logo on the belt and supply pre-waxed running belts (on request).

How do I take the size of running belt? 
No need to disassemble it:
a) stick some adhesive tape on the belt
b) use a flexible meter and take the size from the tape until the end of the belt.
c) Stick another piece of tape on the belt.
d) move the belt and do again b) until you take the total length of the belt.

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