Monday 6 April 2015

Treadmill speed regulation with endex controller

Question: you told me before, endex controllers doesn't need regulation of speed, anyway I see two trimmers on the controller.


one trimmer, Current Limit (A - MAX) regulates the max. current to the treadmill motor which impacts motor TORQUE. More current is more torque, more powerful motor, but may also bring to early damage of motor and controller if the regulation excess motor capability or if there are load problems on the treadmill.

The other trimmer regulates how the lower controller regulates the PWM (speed setting) according to the signal coming from the console. If the speed sensor is installed, this has no effect on the actual treadmill speed, because the console read the speed signal and regulates the signal to lower board accordingly. Let's say if you regulate the speed on lower controller + 10%, the console will send a signal -10% to keep the same measured speed.  

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